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What Does Adventurous Learning Mean?

The most important thing that happens at school is learning - learning that is motivating, rewarding and stimulating and leads to success. Adventurous Learning means providing the appropriate mix of challenge and support for each child so that they continually extend themselves and develop the key personal characteristics.

We define adventurous as daring, bold, audacious, brave, risky, exploratory and courageous. These are the characteristics we seek to develop in our pupils and staff. What is brave and risky for one boy or girl will not be the same for every boy or girl so the adventure is particular and individual.

Learning is the acquisition and application of wisdom whether it is through the advance of an individual’s knowledge, understanding and skills or their understanding of themselves, others and the world around them.

Adventurous Learning is a challenge to the adults and children at the school to take each other beyond the comfortable and familiar, to enjoy success and embrace failure. We see Adventurous Learning in many school activities and events such as the Arts Festival, sports and music tours and drama productions but our every day focus is on the individual and how they are changed by the challenge of Adventurous Learning.

Throughout the school your child is encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. We recognise that each child learns differently and that taking risks and making mistakes are an integral part of this process.  We work to ensure that all pupils are challenged and supported; their progress is carefully monitored.

Our objective is to bring out the best in everyone, enabling your son or daughter to become a balanced, happy and articulate person with the:

  • intellectual freedom to be creative
  • confidence to initiate
  • flexibility to respond to challenge, change and adversity
  • compassion to serve others
  • spirit to enjoy life
  • integrity to be trustworthy
  • motivation to have a love of learning.

We know we have succeeded when we say farewell to confident, versatile and capable young adults who have a good understanding of themselves and others.

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