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Ashford instilled in me the desire to strive to achieve all I can and, thanks to the self-belief fostered by the school environment, I've embraced many opportunities at university and look forward to the future, believing that anything is possible if you put your mind to it."

Nick Smelt - Assisted Places Beneficiary
(Yeomen, 2014)

Inclusion and Diversity – Ashford’s Vision and Values

Since 1898 thousands of young people have received an education and training for life of the highest quality. At a time when the value of such an education is more prized than ever, and yet is open to fewer pupils than we would all wish, widening access to pupils from all backgrounds is of central importance. Our pupils are encouraged throughout their time at Ashford to engage actively with the wider community and explore the world around them through their studies and co-curricular activities, enabling them to gain a better understanding of their own and other cultures, of global differences and shared values. The diversity encouraged by an active bursary programme can only enhance this aspect of our School and create a climate in which respect for all can flourish.

Our Goal

Our major long-term fundraising goal is the provision of additional means-tested Assisted Places to support pupils who would not otherwise be able to afford an Ashford education. Our aim is to build a Bursary Fund of £4,000,000 to endow the equivalent of a further full-fees-equivalent place for each year group in the Senior School. While a permanent endowment of this magnitude is our long term aim for the School, we welcome the support of our donors in supplementing our existing bursary provision by giving smaller sums to increase the support our current generation of pupils receive.

By giving to the Foundation’s Bursary Fund we can claim an additional 25% of your gift from the Government under the Gift Aid scheme For those who recognise the value of an Ashford School education, a donation to the Bursary Fund is an opportunity to give others the chance to experience our wonderful school.


Further information about Foundation Assisted Places and the application procedure can be found by going to the Financial Help page on the website.

Foundation Assisted Places are awarded separately from UL Assisted Places and other forms of financial assistance but may be combined with these schemes to support candidates in need of substantial aid.

The criteria for the award of a Foundation Assisted Place can be found here  

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