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The leading schools across the world focus their efforts on just two simple areas: developing key personal characteristics, attitudes and behaviours, and maximising the achievements of their pupils across a wide range of fields beyond and including the academic.

Learning should be challenging, stretching and lead to a sense of joy and fulfilment. You will find all of this here at Ashford School whether your child is a baby, a young childa teenager or a young adult.

A child's key influence in their lives is you, and the adults and friends who surround them at home and school. Through example, your child learns to be resilient, curious, kind, happy, articulate, adventurous, confident and fulfilled. 

Parents choose Ashford School because of our well-developed reputation for getting the best from your child by surrounding them with highly capable, expert adults from a wide variety of backgrounds, and by colliding your child with hundreds of experiences in and outside the classroom. The pupils' results speak for themselves.

Come and visit us now to feel, hear and breathe the atmosphere that makes this a reality for you and your child.

Mike Buchanan,

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