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Every pupil learns differently and has unique aspirations and we are here to set in motion the wheels of confidence, curiosity and adventure.

At the Senior School, your child will learn to navigate their personal journey and to take responsibility for their learning, developing the confidence to step into the unknown, to try new things and, with our full support, to learn from mistakes and to take measured risks.

With backgrounds in journalism, scientific research, anthropology, hydroelectric engineering, banking, law and sport at an international level, your child will find our staff to be inspirational role models. They are also on a constant learning adventure, whether pursuing further research to masters or doctorate level or moving out of their comfort zones by learning a new instrument or taking speech and drama lessons.

With a two-week timetable consisting of six 50-minute lessons and compulsory after school activities, your child will be immersed in a culture of academic, sport, music and all-around adventure.

Find out how our pupils did at GCSE, A Level and EPQ in 2017.

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Because we aim to individualise learning and teaching, students who are more able are identified at an early stage and are presented with opportunities both inside and outside the classroom which are specially designed to give them an extra challenge, whether it be a Maths extension group or teacher-guided individual projects.


Our Learning Support Department is second to none, supporting children who face a range of challenges, from Dyslexia to those who just need a little extra help.

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