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The Digital Archive is a unique collection of memorabilia relating to the history of Ashford School and Ashford Friars Prep School, consisting of photographs, objects and documents.

The school has committed to a long-term project bringing the Archive into greater order and, for the first time, making searchable digital copies of our valuable archive photographs, publications and other documents which will be made available for all alumni, parents and current pupils.

The project is led by Dr Joanna Hayes, the School’s librarian. If any alumni are interested in volunteering for this project, have an enquiry or wish to donate archive materials please contact Jo at or David at

The Archive includes a digital version of Patricia Earlam’s 1998 Illustrated Centenary History of Ashford School. Pat, the former Senior Mistress, retired after 37 years at Ashford and became the school's official archivist, compiling and producing for the school’s centenary a 160-page all-encompassing history of the school and a fascinating read for everyone, no matter when they were at Ashford. Patricia Earlam sadly passed away peacefully in February 2005.

The Digital Archive

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