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Fees, scholarships and assisted places

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Our fees are all-inclusive meaning that there are no compulsory extras to pay at the end of term which should allow you to budget with confidence.

Public examinations, such as GCSEs, A Levels and music exams, are, however, charged as extras in arrears.

We do require a deposit upon acceptance of a place. We keep this until after the end of your child’s final term at the school and it is returned to you once the final account is settled.

Deposit for EU residents is £500; for non-EU residents, we require one term’s fees.


If you feel your child is particularly gifted in music, art, drama, sport or excels academically please download the relevant scholarship forms below and we would be pleased to consider your application. Most scholarships are worth 10-30% of the day fee. Completed application forms for Senior School scholarships should be emailed to our Registrar Mrs Rachael Cox and for the Prep School to our Registrar, Mrs Jenny Garrard.

Children compete for the following scholarships and all candidates will automatically be considered for an All-Rounder award:

Academic  11+  13+  16+ 
Sport  11+ 13+ 16+
Music  11+ 13+ 16+
Drama  11+ 13+ 
Art & Design  11+ 13+ 16+
Drama & Theatre     16+

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