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Adventure of Endeavour

Achievements School Event

A celebration of all that we offer

Ashford School's first Adventure of Endeavour was a true celebration of pupils' achievements and all that the school has to offer.

The special event was held on Sunday and featured exhibitions from every academic subject, from Science to Maths and English to Modern Foreign Languages, as well as demonstrations from the Sports Department and performances from our musicians.

The busy evening was attended by parents, family and friends, as well as the pupils, who watched the newly formed Combined Cadet Force marching and stripping their weapons, our sports students shooting and demonstrating ball skills, a harpist playing in the Atrium and a pianist in Brake Hall.

There were beautiful art displays lining the corridors and information on the Ashford School Foundation which raises funds to provide bursaries for places at the school.

"The evening was an opportunity to showcase a sample of the best work we have seen over the course of this academic year across the year groups" said Mrs Delaehle Gale, Deputy Head Teaching and Learning.

"We pride ourselves in the range of opportunities we give our pupils to discover their talents. We want our pupils to realise how much they can push themselves."

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