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A Career in Film with Assistant Director Chessie Wilton (Merchants, 2013)

Date Posted: Friday 28 January 2022

Yesterday afternoon our Drama Scholars were treated to a fascinating talk with alumna Chessie Wilton (Merchants, 2013).

Chessie works as assistant to the actress Florence Pugh, managing the Europe/UK side of her work. In addition, Chessie also works as an Assistant Director in feature films. Over the last few years she has worked on films such as Jurassic World, Indiana Jones, Fantastic Beasts, & Black Widow, and TV series such as Bridgerton, Granchester, & Black Mirror.

Chessie spoke about her career path to date, from her gap year in Australia, to acting school, to working as a location scout, to starting as a runner – and offered our students lots of useful insight and advice.

Thank you Chessie for returning – we can’t wait to hear about your next projects!