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An Enriching Education

At Ashford School, we seek to provide an unrivalled education that inspires minds.

Core to this mission, is the profound desire to enrich the lives of every child who makes up part of our warm school community. We believe that learning should be the ultimate adventure and that it shouldn’t stop once you leave the classroom. Ashford School has a proud tradition of offering an exceptional enrichment and co-curricular programme, with upwards of 85 activities available on a weekly basis in addition to the already broad curriculum offering. From September 2021, we will look to both refine and expand our enrichment offering to provide an experience that is beyond compare.  

It will have a change of name, becoming formally known as our ETC programme. The linguaphiles amongst you, will already know that etcetera translated literally from its Latin roots means ‘and the others’ and in many ways a co-curricular offering can very much be viewed in this way; other things that happen outside of the main curriculum. However, etc is also used when a list is incomplete and for all of us at Ashford School, we believe that an exceptional education is simply incomplete without the opportunity to pursue passions, develop talents and discover new interests. The ETC programme at Ashford School is for very much there for all, but at its core is the desire to build Enthusiastic, Talented and Curious pupils. 

"ETC: Enthusiastic - Talented - Curious"

What do we offer? 

We offer a breadth of activities to help compliment and enrich our curriculum beyond the classroom by providing valuable opportunities to develop key skills: teamwork, leadership, problem solving and independence. The provision and encouragement to join through our ETC programme allows us to optimise the potential of our learners by offering vibrant and diverse opportunities for all pupils.  

Free learners – questioning and inquisitive, confidence 

Key offerings – Sporting, STEM, Environmental, Curricular, Performing Arts 

Residential and key events, trips, workshops 

Enrich, extend = excellence 

What’s next?  

From September 2021 we will be introducing regular ‘outdoor learning’ within their regular curriculum time. This is an inspiring programme tailored to immerse the pupils in their natural environment around them from beach to woodland. Sessions are child led learning allowing the children in risk management, problem solving and importantly investigating their classroom learning in real life and meaningful situations. 


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