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Artist in Residence Exhibition Opening Next Week

Date Posted: Thursday 16 January 2020

Preparations are underway and the main vestibule at St Mary’s Church Ashford is soon to welcome the Opening Night of this year’s Artist in Residence and Ashford School Student Collaboration Exhibition, titled Reality Paradox.

Joseph Dunkerley, Artist in Residence and experienced animator and game designer describes the exhibition as ‘a homage to the multiverse theory, in which there exists an infinite number of universes wherein the potential for anything and everything can exist.’

Featuring a range of animations, stills and installations, the exhibition challenges what viewers know of their local surrounds. Many works will display a familiar setting within Ashford, however will dig deeper into a universe that exists beyond what we know. In particular, the student project titled ‘Monsters of Ashford’ sees bizarre monstrous figures of the students’ designs freely roaming the streets of Ashford in scene strikingly familiar yet worlds apart from what we know.

"‘The artwork offers strange and surreal glimpses into other universes quite unlike our own, conceptualising worlds of altered circumstance of varying scales; evolutionary glitches, digitalised time fluctuations, physics that refuse to abide to our own, broken planes of reality and lucid visions; nothing is off the table in Reality Paradox'"

Note: Reality Paradox will be open from 20 January to 24 January at St Mary’s Church, Ashford, with the private viewing taking place on Monday 20 January from 16:30 – 20:00. All are welcome to support the School’s Artist in Residence and students.