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Ashford Prep School wins regional maths competition

Date Posted: Friday 07 May 2021

On Tuesday 4 May, we were proud to present the 20th edition of the annual Ashford School Regional Year 5 Maths Competition.

Congratulations to Ashford Prep School, the winners of this year’s competition, with a score of 105.

The reigning champions, Lady Joanna Thornhill Primary School, came in second place with 90 points. Third place was shared by Wellesley House, John Wesley School and Bethersden Primary School, all with a score of 85 each.

Due to Covid regulations, this year’s event was hosted online through Teams using an interactive live scoreboard to track the results in real time as they were inputted into spreadsheets by each School.

20 Schools signed up to participate, with each School having a team of four Year 5 pupils to tackle the challenges.

Questions ranged from “An octopus has 8 tentacles. How many tentacles do 88 octopi have?” and “Add up 578, 53 and 146.”

In celebration of Star Wars Day, some of the questions included references to the world-famous movie franchise: “1/2 of Chewbacca’s class walk to school, ¼ come by car. The remaining 4 students ride their bikes. How many are in his class together?” and “Luke is twice as old as Kylo Ren. In three years’ time, Kylo will be 14. How old is Luke?”

Dr Stephen Britton, Head of Mathematics at Ashford School, was the host of the event. “We were overjoyed to see how excited the children were to participate in the event. It was great to see how quickly the answers came in and how the teams worked together.”