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Ashford School commemorates Black History Month

Date Posted: Friday 01 October 2021

October is Black History Month in the UK, and Ashford School will be raising awareness across the curriculum of the enormous contribution to our country’s history and culture made by people of African and Caribbean heritage.

“We at Ashford School are very proud that our curriculum consistently highlights the diversity which exists in society,” said Headmaster Mr Michael Hall.

All students should be provided with a diverse and inclusive curriculum, and we strive to preserve education as a natural pillar, which helps to facilitate intellectual growth and develop academic curiosity.

‘Proud to be’ will be the theme of an English lesson dedicated to researching, learning about and celebrating Black History Month, and students in Years 7 to 13 will take part in activities designed to inform and support their understanding.

A series of History lessons will be devoted to study of the important role people from countries colonised by the European Empires played in World War One. This will culminate in students giving their own mini-presentations.

Human rights and human rights violations will be a topic for research in Religious Studies lessons for students in Year 8, who will present their findings and examples to their peers. Year 10 students will study the GCSE unit entitled ‘Crime and Punishment’ during Black History month and learn about the murder of Stephen Lawrence as an example of hate crime. They will also find out about the murder of Anthony Walker, and the forgiveness shown by his mother and sister towards those who took Anthony’s life.

In Mathematics, discussion of mathematicians past and present celebrates those of all cultures, and this will be visualised on a display board on the ground floor of Coronation, which will celebrate diversity among mathematicians.