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Kicking off the AshfordSchCallenge

Date Posted: Monday 09 March 2020

It’s not been an easy week, but never the less you have done a great job. As we move into the Easter break I want to encourage you all to look after both your physical and mental health. As far as you can, get involved with as many activities and interests as possible. In fact, what I would like to do is to challenge all the pupils, and maybe even parents and staff to get involved with something which is new or take part in a hobby which you never find time for anymore.

Almost 35 years to the day I stopped playing the piano. I had reached grade 6 and was preparing from grade 7, but sport and other distractions in my life caused me to stop playing the piano. What I am going to do over the next 12 weeks is try to teach myself again how to play the piano. I will let you know how I get on.

The school will be writing to all parents on how we can share this initiative of challenge amongst the school community.

I wish you all a Happy Easter, please do stay safe and healthy.