Brooke House

Brooke is an energetic and vibrant house, which thirty-four pupils call ‘home’ during their time at Ashford School.

Despite being dubbed the ‘Junior Boys Boarding House’, Brooke caters for a broad range of year groups (Year 7-13) and hosts a wide spectrum of nationalities (including English, French, Nigerian, Russian and Chinese – to name a few!). This diverse blend enables boys of all ages to successfully develop and hone new skills at each stage of their academic career – from settling in and creating lasting friendships at the start of Year 7 to leading a Prefect Team which carries out weekly duties and helps all students feel comfortable in their environment and resourcefully utilising the House Council’s budget on items that will contribute and maintain a strong sense of community.

Facilities and activities:

Brooke has several communal areas that are hot-spots of social activity each evening – a common room (with a 55” HD TV, an X-Box One and a ping-pong table), a computer room, a cinema room, two kitchens and a dining area. Of course, the office door is always open to engage with the enthusiastic and caring members of staff but be warned, we do not like being beaten at board games or FIFA!

Within Brooke, both pupils and staff are actively encouraged to contribute towards, and participate in, House Events (such as organising themed movie nights or designing a House Emblem). With prizes available for specific events and tasks, a healthy dose of competition enables the production of new and exciting ideas, progressing the already dynamic and lively atmosphere within the House on a weekly basis.


  • Mr Aaron Appleton, Houseparent, Teacher of Geography
  • Mrs Pearl Paine, Assistant House Parent
  • Mr Ashley Cook, Resident Tutor, PE Teacher
  • Mr Tom Vafidis, Resident Tutor, Lead of High Potential Learners and History Teacher
  • Miss Jessica Saville, Non-resident Tutor, PE Teacher