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Delivering Supplies amidst Australia’s Fires

Date Posted: Friday 17 January 2020

The second week back at School saw the hosting of the annual Year 9 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) day, as run by the D&T Department.

In the age where development needs to be optimised to support the economy whilst also minimising environmental harm, STEM in the workplace and in education is ever more important. In keeping with this, this year’s STEM Day challenge presented to the teams of 4 was centred around the devastating bush fires that are currently ravaging Australia.

Students were asked to design and build a bridge structure that could be used to replace any bridges lost to the fire, with the prototype suitable to span a 1m gap at a height of 40cm. The bridge deck needed to be able to support a motorised road-train that they also would have to design and build, with the intention of it being able to deliver much needed supplies and relief to areas where the infrastructure had been destroyed by fire.

Over the course of the 4 periods, the students all worked extremely hard, applying their knowledge and skills from all four STEM subjects to come up with robust and efficient designs. The enthusiasm, effort and teamwork displayed by all participants throughout the day was impressive, with several very strong designs being produced. The winning team of Izzy, Nadia, Archie and Ollie clinched victory with their exceptional work ethic and cooperative attitude, on top of an efficient and well thought out design for both bridge and vehicle.