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National and County recognition for Ashford School Swimmers and Biathletes

Date Posted: Sunday 31 October 2021

Our talented swimmers and biathletes have had a very busy month participating in various events in Kent and achieving spectacular results. These include:  

Kent Schools Relay Championships: Saturday 2 October 2021 

Our swimmers started the season by competing in the Kent Schools Relay Championships at Hartsdown Leisure Centre. Several of the swimmers had not competed since before the pandemic, but despite this, our pupils performed exceptionally well, achieving excellent results!    


  • Girls (Yr 7&8) 
  • Molly K 
  • Phoebe P 
  • Chloe H 
  • Ruby M 
  • Tilly P 

Freestyle Relay 4th 

Medley Relay 3rd 


  • Girls (Yr 9&10) 
  • Cc F 
  • Abbie F 
  • Louisa P 
  • Polly W 

Freestyle Relay 3rd 

Medley Relay 4th 


  • Myles S 
  • Jude O 
  • George L 
  • Adam F 

Freestyle 2nd 

Medley 3rd 

Senior (Yr 11, 12 & 13) 


  • Freya J 
  • Rosa B 
  • Jess W 
  • Claudia dV 

Freestyle 6th 

Medley 6th 


  • James oM 
  • Monty C 
  • Rufus D 
  • Ollie L 

Freestyle 6th 

Medley 6th 

We are very proud of the following swimmers who have qualified to participate in the ESSA National Relay Championships to be held at the London Aquatic Centre on 20 November 2021. They have qualified as a Freestyle Team and as a reserve for the Medley Race.  

  •  Polly W 
  • Abbie F 
  • Cc F 
  • Louisa P 

British Schools Schools Biathlon Championships: Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 October 2021 at the University of Bath 

The start of half term for several Ashford School pupils involved a trip to Bath University to compete in the British Schools Biathlon Championships. The qualifiers for the event were all held virtually, so for several of our younger athletes, it was the first time competing in such a big event. The event was spread over two days: Saturday saw the girls participating and Sunday saw the boys participating.  

All pupils were a credit to the School, both in attitude and approach to the event as well as behaviour. They supported and helped each other, as parents were not allowed to watch the swimming and cheered loudly during the run and performed to the best of their ability. Many of the competitors produced personal best swim and run times, standing them in good stead for future events. 

Special mention to the U9 Girls and Boys for a 3rd place in the team competition, as well as the following individuals: 


  • Noah D – 5th Run 
  • Zara C – 6th Overall 
  • Noah D – 7th Overall 


Freddie F 10th Run 


  • Tilly P – 4th Swim 
  • Tilly P – 6th Overall 


Louisa P – 5th Swim 


Jude O – 8th Swim 

Competing pupils were:  


  • Hermione R 
  • Sofia MQ 
  • Zara C 
  • Amelia M 
  • Noah D 
  • Rohan A 
  • Leo P 
  • Harry C 


  • Xara C 
  • Natasha S 
  • Maya S 


  • Tallulah O’N 
  • Ava C 
  • Leyla B 
  • Isabella L 
  • Zuleikha IR 
  • Freddie F 


  • Tilly P 
  • Molly K 
  • Ever L 
  • Tamsin R 


  • Milo B 
  • Louisa P 
  • Thomas C 


Jude O  

Kent Development Gala: 23 and 24 October 2021 at Medway Park 

The middle weekend of 1/2 term saw a group of Ashford School swimmers attend the Kent Development Gala at Medway Park. The swimmers selected the events they wanted to compete in and had a very successful weekend. For several of our Prep School swimmers this was the first time that they had competed for the school at an Open Meet. The atmosphere was supportive, and all swimmers performed excellently, producing Personal Best times in at least one of their events.  

Thank you to Mrs Steel for officiating for the school at the event. Special mention goes to medalists Jude O, Josh S and Zach S. 

 Swimmers competing in the event were: 

  • Jude  
  • Ruby M 
  • Phoebe P 
  • Zach S 
  • Josh C 
  • Tallulah O 
  • Josh S 
  • Sam H 
  • Lois P 

Well done to all of our Swimmers and Biathletes! Keep up the great work and best of luck for your next round of competitions.