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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Ashford School is committed to using technology only where it enhances the student’s learning and development.

While our mission at Ashford School is to provide students the best e-learning opportunities through the use of technology, we are also committed to providing a holistic approach to learning, by blending more traditional teaching practices with new digital experiences.

All students in Year 3 receive a 1:1 iPad which they are responsible for charging and taking to all lessons. New apps are learned, which complement their curriculum in other subjects. The children also start to use laptops, learning skills such as mouse control and using the Windows operating system. Inputs and Outputs are revisited, looking at how the information is processed by a computer and the internal component names. Digital Literacy lessons focus on topics such as email etiquette, creating passwords, online advertising and reliability of information on the Web. Coding consolidates problem-solving skills before moving on to Scratch, a block-based programme.

Year 4 Digital Literacy lessons focus on online responsibilities to themselves and others, cyberbullying, media ratings and age restriction laws. IT skills are focused on more this year, with projects in Stop Motion, green screen, e-books, Google Earth searching, and the basics of how networks work. Coding continues to be developed through Scratch.

Year 5 Digital Literacy moves onto areas such as copyright, online behaviours such as manipulation, persuasion and threats, privacy laws for under 13-year-olds and stereotypes in the media. IT introduces Microsoft Excel, and revisits networks in more depth. Coding continues in Scratch as well as other visual-based coding apps.

Year 6 look at the history of computing, complementing their History topic of WW2 by studying the role of Bletchley Park in cracking the Enigma Code. iPads are used to create various multimedia projects relating to curriculum topics. Coding moves through Scratch to Blockly based activities and an introduction to HTML and Python.