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Here at Ashford Prep School we put Music at the heart of School life and value its contribution to academic and social development.

All children are taught music from Reception through to Year 6, where each lesson is lead by a music specialist. The curriculum is structured such that it is cohesive and follows a plan right from the EYFS to Year 6. The main skills of performing, listening, composing and appraising are embedded in all the topics. The aim is that pupils will have touched on music from the medieval period to the present day by the time they leave the Prep School. In addition, the ability to read music notation is regarded as imperative, so notation reading skills are started right from Year 1 and built on every year thereafter.

The Instrument Scheme:

We encourage our pupils to learn at least one instrument and offer various instrumental schemes to support this. These schemes are funded by the School and allow pupils to select and learn an instrument in a small group setting for two terms, with the hope that the child will enjoy the instrument and decide to take their learning further.


Our aim is for our pupils to be passionate and enthusiastic in music. Therefore, we offer multiple opportunities to perform, from the gentility of the classroom to large school concerts and other events. The social aspect of musicmaking is highly valued, and we offer a large number of groups and ensembles for instrumentalists to join.

Finally, singing together is a key aspect of life at Ashford Prep School. There are many Choirs available: Pre-Prep Choir, Year 3 Junior Choir, and a selective Chamber Choir for the more advanced participant. We also have a compulsory massed choir for Years 4, 5 and 6. As part of our community outreach programmes, our musicians are often invited to participate in functions and events outside of School, and regularly visit local care homes to provide musical entertainment to their residents.

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