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Creativity lies at the heart of what we do at Ashford Prep School, and therefore Art is embedded throughout the curriculum.

Children not only enjoy the School’s extensive art facilities during their weekly lessons, but they are also able to practise and display their talents throughout their lessons, be it through designing posters and book covers, writing letters and decorating their classrooms.

From the start of Year 3, the children learn about colour theory, linear and aerial perspective and the elements of art. They are challenged to understand why the elements are important and how to analyse and write about the elements in a piece of art. The children are also taught to understand different cultures and historical periods through the study of art history. Through this, children increase their art vocabulary, develop an understanding of the world and the art that is all around them, and develop an understanding of the visual representation of the past.

The children benefit from access to top facilities and materials, including a clay kiln, printing tools, pen and ink, charcoal, pastels and a range of different paint types. Working individually and collaboratively, the children learn from direct observation both inside and outside of the classroom. In their sketchbooks, children explore the life and work of famous artists, critique pieces of art, and learn how to evaluate their own work at the end of each project.

Art is celebrated throughout the School with regular art exhibitions and art days. We also welcome visiting artists and in the past have hosted a drawing workshop that was delivered by the creator of the Where’s Wally character.