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In Pre-Prep, Science is taught once a week and covers a wide range of topics, whilst focusing on a variety of important key skills such as children thinking of their own questions and thinking about ways in which to answer them and understanding the importance of fair testing.

The children are given opportunities to investigate and explore Science through practical experiments. These include exploring the properties of different materials to find out which one makes the best umbrella and growing our own beans to discover the factors that a seed needs to germinate and grow.

As well as these key skills, the children are taught important subject matter, through an exciting range of topics:

  • Animals including humans, where the children learn about the five senses, the basic parts of the human body and how we change as we grow from babies to children. During this unit, the main groups of animals are also explored and the children are challenged to think of ways in which they can be grouped. In Year 2, the children progress to learn about living and non-living organisms and the habitats of various living things.
  • Materials, where the difference between a material and an object is explored, the reasons for a particular material being chosen to make a certain object are investigated and the properties of materials are determined.
  • Plants, during which the children identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants.
  • Seasonal changes, which is taught at various points across the year and during which the children will observe changes in weather, day length and what the world around us looks like across the four seasons.