Whether pupils are studying Shakespeare, modern sonneteers, novels or 21st century non-fiction, English teachers promote a sharply inquisitive and exploratory approach to learning from Year 7 through to Year 13.

Pupils are encouraged to be curious about the history of English Literature, to ask questions about the nuances of language, to learn new words, speak confidently and to be active readers.

In KS3 we study a range of texts such as Treasure Island, WW1 poetry, Of Mice and Men and Animal Farm as well as Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar. In KS4 we follow the AQA syllabus for English Literature and English Language, giving our pupils exposure to canonical texts. If pupils choose to take English further at A-Level, we offer Language and Literature courses, both engaging and dynamic subjects, which are rewarding and highly regarded by universities.

The English Faculty offer an array of exciting extra-curricular opportunities, including Book Club, Creative Writing, Scrabble and an Anglo-Saxon Club. We also run a variety of different cultural trips throughout the year, including trips to local and London-based theatres, as well as organising book fairs and inviting authors into visit the School.

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