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German has a very strong uptake at Ashford School and runs a full programme of study from Year 7 through to Year 13.

In Year 7 all students study French, German and Spanish in a carousel to give them a flavour for each language and they then continue with two languages of their choice.

Key Stage 3 German is all about developing confidence in the language through an array of fun activities. We study the topics of Hobbies, School, House and Home, Health, Holidays and Family. We do not shy away from grammar as we use interactive resources such as Kahoot to develop student knowledge in a positive and encouraging manner. There are also opportunities to dress up for role plays and the students learn about culture through film and music.

With a solid base in vocabulary and grammar established at Key Stage 3, it is then time to hone these skills at Key Stage 4 as we look at the topics already covered in more detail and tackle more complex grammar. GCSE German students see our native speaker once a week to develop confidence in their spoken work and to prepare thoroughly for the Speaking Exam.

The A-Level German course is an exciting one which allows students to develop their skills to a very high level and it is an A-Level which is highly respected by universities. Literature and film are studied and students undertake a research project of their choosing.

The German department visits Germany each year, usually in the Easter holidays, and this trip is open to students of all ages. This is an extremely popular trip where great friendships are forged between students of different year groups and it allows our students to put everything they have learned in the classroom into practice.