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Our Physics courses prepare students for the study of real-world phenomena, ranging from the nanoworld of the microcosmos to the planets, solar systems and galaxies that occupy our universe.

Physical concepts are introduced in a logical and engaging order, allowing students to build on their knowledge as it develops, and empowering them to ask and answer ever more involved questions.

For young minds, seeing is believing and at every opportunity the chance to carry out experiments, obtain data and analyse results is used to reinforce ideas and dispel misconceptions. Most lessons will therefore include opportunities for students to develop their practical skills and confidence when using a wide range of specialist equipment. Physics is taught by experienced subject specialists in all years who offer support and extension activities outside of the classroom as well as in it.

The Physics department offers a range of co-curricular activities to support the learning done in the classroom. We offer EPQs, CREST projects and Olympiad competitions, as well as informal drop-ins for any student wishing to receive extra support. We also run an annual Year 12 trip to the largest particle accelerator in the world at CERN in Geneva, and an annual Year 13 trip to Iceland. The Senior Chess Club and Rubik’s Cube Club are also run by the Physics department.

We assess regularly, using exam style tests at the end of each topic to allow the students to fine-tune their revision skills and exam technique, while allowing us to track progress and feedback on how to improve. We also assess informally through homework, student presentations, contributions in class, group work and quizzes. Our goal is for students to leave Physics lessons inspired by the world around them, with a thirst for knowledge and the curiosity to question how it all works.