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Smashing Duke Of Edinburgh Silver in Wales

Date Posted: Tuesday 20 June 2023

A collective 3.5 million steps were taken by 31 teenagers from Ashford School in just three days as they completed their Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition and took on the challenge of an early morning climb of Snowdon, the second highest peak in the U.K.

Ashford School’s Duke of Edinburgh Manager, Simon Burke, said: “All students on this trip were amazing, both in their behaviour and their endeavour. They showed commitment and determination in the face of all the challenges the DofE brings and were tremendous advocates for Ashford School. They not only successfully completed their expedition, but they also had the wonderful opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of the Welsh countryside.”

The expedition was preceded by 1 day of travelling and a revision period before tackling the beautiful Welsh countryside. Steering away from the normal Silver expedition locations, Wales was chosen to safely allow our participants to experience the challenges Wales brings.

The 3 routes chosen saw our participants travel from Capel Curig to Pont Gethin to Llyn Gwynant, a total of 37 km. Each participant completed on average a total of 38,000 steps during the trekking phase each day and collectively a total of 3.5 million steps were taken; an remarkable achievement.

On arrival at the campsites each day, our participants were greeted with applause and admiration from other campers, our staff and the large contingent of midges that never went away.

On the final day, a trek to climb the second highest peak in the U.K was offered with a start time of 4.30am. Eight extremely determined participants rose to the challenge and departed in the wind and rain on their ascent and, after 6 miles of walking uphill, they reached the peak at 08:00hrs, a fantastic effort and totally inspiring. 

Mr Curry, Ashford School’s Assistant Head Middle School said “It was a pleasure to see how resilient our Year 10 pupils were, they showed true spirit and determination to successfully pass this physically and mentally demanding expedition. I was particularly impressed with how this cohort pushed themselves beyond the minimum commitment as well as the support and care that they showed for each other when the going got tough.  I am very proud of each and every one”.