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The Big Garden Birdwatch

Date Posted: Friday 29 January 2021

The newly rebranded PFA is pleased to share their first activity for 2021: Ashford School’s Big Bird Watch.

RSPB Love Nature (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) is hosting ‘The Big Garden Birdwatch’, which runs from Friday 29 January to Sunday 31 January, and is the world’s largest bird survey!

As well as being a fun and engaging experience for our families, it has helped to build a picture of the diversity and numbers of birds within the school’s catchment area – a good proxy for local biodiversity.
Thanks to the involvement of the public, the RSPB has over 40 years of data and this has helped increase their understanding of the challenges faced by wildlife.

To participate, please go to the RSPB website to print off your pack, and then simply start to count how many birds you spot. Then, submit your results here.

Ashford School’s results are collated and shown in real-time on our interactive dashboard.

Don’t forget to tag @Ashford School and use the hashtag #BigGardenBirdWatch if you share your experiences on social media.

For Ashford School families who would like further information about getting involved, please email Sarah Kershaw.