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The Waterman Collection

Date Posted: Wednesday 25 November 2020

In 2017, Ashford School’s Learning Resource Centre received a wonderful legacy. A local resident, Reginald Robert Waterman, bequeathed his extensive library to the School. The rich and varied collection was a testament to Mr Waterman’s passion for the arts and humanities, his intellectual curiosity and his commitment to life-long learning.

Our library team will never forget the feeling of amazement when they first glimpsed the array of beautiful books which filled Mr Waterman’s library. Although some of the books were able to be brought to our library, the sheer number made it impossible for all of them to be transported in the short time before Mr Waterman’s daughter returned to her home overseas.

It was decided that the remainder of the books should be sold and the proceeds used to purchase new stock for the School’s Learning Resource Centre. The money raised has been used to build what is now known as the Waterman Collection. The Collection has taken over two years to curate and reflects Mr Waterman’s love of art, history, music, theatre and literature and his interest in science and the world around us.

The Waterman Collection is more than just a valuable resource for the pupils and staff at Ashford School. It is a showcase for the life-enhancing power of libraries. It has been a privilege to curate this collection and we hope you will enjoy exploring its treasures.