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Virtual Fixture Results

Date Posted: Monday 18 January 2021

On Saturday, the whole Ashford School community, including Prep and Senior School students and their families, Alumni, Staff and Governors, participated in the second United Learning Schools Virtual Fixture. It was fantastic to see the whole community come together, all working towards to same goal, and contributing to our overall total, a fantastic team effort!

The final results were….

Ashford School

Overall Position

Best Result

United Learning Schools Total

Total Participants



513 SHS


Total Distance



3275 DS


Average miles in 30 mins



5.1 SHS



Director of Sport, Mr Dan Cusani, said:

“I am most proud of the combined total as we had over 1350+ participants and covered over 9600 miles on Saturday as a United Learning community. In terms of Ashford School’s contribution to these statistics, we again had a large turnout and contributed a very impressive 3114 miles which is the furthest distance we have travelled by some distance.”

A special congratulations to Ashford School’s Year 9 students, who had the most participants when year groups were compared. Finally, a special mentions to the following individuals and families for their contributions – Boyds (35), Campbells (50), Claridges (94), Hays (62), Kershaws (53), Morris (51), Mr Buchanan (47), Pullens (48), Ratchfords (60), Savages (42), Steels (101) and the Wilding family (56).