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World Book Day Alumni Inspiration

Date Posted: Thursday 05 March 2020

Looking for inspiration this World Book Day? Why not go for a book written by an Ashford School alumni? We’ve picked out just a few below. If you’re an alumni who’s written a book, and would like for us to share it – please do get in touch by contacting Hannah in the Alumni Office.

Pengelley’s Daughter, Nicola Pryce (Nightingale, 1975)

Cornwall: 1793. Rose Pengelly’s father has been ruined – he has lost his boat yard and his fortune, plunging Rose and her mother into poverty and debt. There appears to be only one way out of their terrible circumstances; for Rose to marry Mr Tregellas, a powerful timber merchant and the man Rose believes is responsible for her father’s downfall. He has made his terms clear; either she marries him or faces homelessness and destitution. Desperate, Rose sets out to find evidence of Mr Tregellas’s wrongdoing. In her search, she encounters a mysterious young sailor called Jim, who refuses to disclose his identity. Even as she falls in love with him, she questions who he really is. He may help her restore her fortune and her good name, but does he ever tell her the truth?


Almost Adults, Ali Pantony (Pilgrims, 2008)

The struggle is real but at least they’re all in it together. Ever managed to kill a succulent after just a few days? Got seven reminder letters on the kitchen table because you forgot to pay your council tax? Become a hot mess who’s falling apart because they’ve been broken up with. Mackie, Edele, Alex and Nat are navigating their chaotic and confusing twenties together. They have jobs and pay their own rent (well, most of them) but don’t know how to bleed radiators, defrost a freezer or test the smoke alarms. With break-ups to deal with and major decisions to make, life can get messy especially when they’re still trying to get the hang of this ‘being a grown-up’ thing. Welcome to the joys of being almost adults.

Collage Carnival: A Book to Colour, Cut & Paste Your Way to Creative Heaven!, Lizzie Lees (Merchants, 2001)

A fun and interactive book packed with ideas and material for making collages. Create your own artworks and collages with this fantastic and fun book from print designer Lizzie Lees. Collage Carnival invites the reader to create a range of collage projects, from city scapes and travel journals using holiday snaps, to glitter-filled cards for friends. Mixed in with hints and tips for getting started are pages that can be coloured, cut out, customized, drawn on and embellished. There are pages filled with stickers and pages with gatefolds, allowing you to create your own collage masterpieces. Some pages are perforated so they can be pulled out and hung on the wall. Create your own collage carnival!

Calling Me Home, Rob Turner (Former Teacher of Biology)

Calling Me Home is a gripping tale of coming of age in a post Brexit, post Trump world in which billions are starving and mass refugee movement threatens to engulf the whole of Europe.Troubled, bullied Christine Mackenzie, a solitary outsider haunting the Welsh forests and hills, wary of friendship, angry at everything, is hitch hiking home from an anti war demonstration in London, while half a world away incoming fire forces an RAF bomber crew into an emergency take off. Their stories interweave and converge as world events move inexorably towards endgame, challenging the very foundations of their lives.