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Yeomen triumph in House Maths Competition

Date Posted: Friday 13 December 2019

The House Maths competition on Friday 6th December provided a fantastic array of talent on display. In Brake Hall, we had both the Junior and Senior Team competitions, with teams of 4 from each House racing against the clock to answer as many questions as possible. In the Junior competition, a very tense start was followed by an exceptional display from Pilgrims, who scored full marks, answering all 15 questions in under 13 minutes! The Senior competition had a very exciting finish, with Squires and Yeomen tied after 15 minutes. In the tie-breaker, Squires were quicker off the mark, winning a tight contest.

In addition to this, we had two audience tasks. The mathematical anagrams competition was won by Squires, who got all 60 correct, but there were lots of excellent scores, with nearly every team scoring at least 50 marks. Finally, there was the Maths Christmas Carol competition, with each House recording a video of a Christmas carol jazzed up with as much Maths as they could fit. The entries were incredibly imaginative and funny, with Yeomen taking the prize here.

Overall, the competition was very close, with the top two teams very close in the final standings. The final results were: 1. Yeomen, 2. Squire, 3. Pilgrims, 4. Franklins, 5. Knights, 6. Merchants.

Well done to everyone who took part.