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EdTech at Ashford School

One of our aims for your children is that they should leave Ashford School ready for the next stage of their education and early adult lives.

Part of that preparation is ensuring a thorough grasp of the opportunities that technology offers and that our children are able to assess and handle the inherent risks of the digital age. In partnership with you, we will train them to make the best, sensible and safe use of this powerful tool. Technology, as we use it at Ashford School, is a medium, which we use when, and if appropriate – it does not of itself improve learning or guarantee improved exam outcomes. However, in the hands of children guided by expert teaching and knowledgeable adults it can and should open doors to the future.

Ashford School has been commended for its excellent and appropriate use of technology in the classroom. We are an EdTech 50 school and a member of the Department of Education (DfE) Digital Strategic Group.

E-Learning at Ashford School: What do we do?
The Impact: what does this mean?
Our Digital Strategy
"Ashford School are at the cutting edge of technology for education. Not because it's shiny, not because it's impressive to visitors, not because it's exciting…but because it works. Works for the staff. Works for the pupils. Works for the parents. Works for the teaching and learning. No fads. No fancy gadgets for the sake of it. No top end gear for bragging rights. Just the right tool at the right time in the right lesson or for the right staff communication. Technology with purpose."

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