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Life in our Boarding Houses

We currently have two boarding houses open:

Alfred House (for boys) and Brabourne House (for girls).

Boarding houses are led by Houseparents and Assistant Houseparents, who are supported by a team of tutors.

During the School day, our boarders attend lessons and are indistinguishable from the rest of our School community.

Beyond normal school hours – both in the evenings and at weekends – our boarders are kept busy!

After the normal school day, once dinner has been eaten, we have significant time dedicated to undertaking homework and have staff on hand to help provide guidance and advice.

We aim to create an environment where we all recognise the value and the good in other members of the community – students, boarding staff, kitchen staff and cleaners. We respect our boarders’ views and value their input into how our boarding community should run. We encourage students to live their life in a way that considers the needs of others and respects their rights.

We believe in encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour such as consideration for  others, honesty, good manners and appropriate humour. We know the importance of clear, fair rules and sanctions to discourage inappropriate behaviour.  We work in partnership with our parents and/or guardians and other staff to help boarders make the most of their opportunities and to support them through the difficult times.

"Every evening and weekend there is a variety of on-site activities to participate in, including gym fitness, badminton, swimming, music and art-related opportunities.  "
"Parent of new Year 10 boarder: "She's loving the school. She tells me all the students are so lovely - even the Sixth Formers say hi and she can just be herself.“"

At the beginning of each term, a diary of activities is put together by the Houseparents from suggestions made by the boarders.

We provide our boarders with a range of opportunities, including School sports fixtures on Saturdays and organised boarding excursions on Sundays. We aim to offer our boarders new and exciting experiences – from trips to London and the seaside, to go-karting, ice-skating and the ever-popular gliding. There really is no excuse to not try something new!

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