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Co-curricular Life

The Co-curricular programme is an integral and extremely popular part of the day at Ashford Prep School.

By offering a wide-ranging programme of enrichments it is designed to support our pupils to be enthusiastic, talented, curious and foster skills and passions that extend well beyond the classroom, textbooks and tablets.  

Our innovative and unique enrichments are grouped into three main focus areas – Craft, Care and Cognition. 

Care: Focused on their own well-being, caring for others and the environment around them.

Craft: Learning and applying practical skills and techniques.

Cognition: Thinking and learning based enrichments, focused on developing cognitive skills.

We are active in encouraging pupils to take part in each of the C’s over the year, helping to develop a varied and broad skill set but importantly encouraging them to seek out new and inspiring opportunities and uncover new passions. The accomplishments and involvement in our 3C’s enrichment programme is collected and rewarded to our Year 6 pupils as they celebrate their time in the Prep School and is a gateway towards the Senior School 3C’s Award. 

A breadth of opportunities where every child can discover their passions

Below are just a taste of some of the exciting opportunities available to our pupils across the three school terms – with over 80 activities there really is something for everyone.

  • Green Gobin – Year 6 
  • Touch typing – Years 5-6. Learn to type with growing fluency and accuracy. 
  • Judo – Year 1 –6. An opportunity to learn discipline and coordination when taking on this physical and impressive Olympic Sport. 
  • Ballet – Nursery  – Year 6. Dedicated weekly lessons
  • Book Club – Years 3 –6. An opportunity for pupils to come together to read,  share ideas and review a book as a group. 
  • Nature Art & Photography – Years 3-4. Observing and capturing the beautiful natural world using photography and art. 
  • Theatre Club – Year 3-4.
  • Shakespeare Club – Year 6. 
  • Ceramics Club – Years 5-6. Students can design, make and glaze their own sculptures onsite in the Art Department. 
  • Debating Club – Years 3-6. Learn how to express your views clearly and speak in front of a small group. Critical thinking, team work and communication skills are explored and developed. 
  • Cooking Club – Years 4-5. Practical hands-on activity learning to follow recipes and produce a wide range of baked goods. 
  • APS Pop Choir – Years 3-6. Learning and performing a wide range of pop songs, an invaluable way to develop musical knoweldgable, ensemble skills and singing techniques. 
  • Orchestra – Years 2-6. Our main school orchestra features dedicated musicians from different year groups and provides invaluable ensemble experience, performance and leadership opportunities. 
  • Mini-Miners
  • Chess – Years 5-6. Developing strategic thinking and skills by playing this 1500year old game. 
  • Dungeons & Dragons – Year 5-6. Join the Senior School pupils in this enrichment as pupils explore a fantastical world as characters grow in a story. Collaboration, communication and creativity are necessary!
  • Learn to Swim
  • Ashford School Swimming (Pathway and Performance) – Years 4-6. An invite only programme for our most talented swimmers who work towards competing locally and nationally. Led by our Director of Swimming, sessions take place before and after school. 
  • Pre Season Sports – Years 3-6. Weekly sessions focused on preparing our pupils for the upcoming season. 
  • Hula Hooping – Year R – Year 6. A super activity building on co-ordination, fitness and rhythm, learning a variety of hula hooping routines and moves. 

Please note – not all activities run every term. Sign up and enrichments are available for sign up termly on SOCS.

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