Submit an Enquiry

Apply to the Prep School Nursery

Applying for a place at the Prep School Nursery is a simple four-step process:

1. Visit us:

We are pleased to offer private tours of the Prep School Nursery and a meet and greet with our Head of Nursery, Miss Woolley. This is a great way to meet our key workers and to see the Nursery in action.

Please contact our Prep Registrar Mrs Dominique Hanson to arrange a visit or submit an enquiry.

Additionally, this video summarises the Prep School Nursery:

2. Register for a place:

Upon completion of your visit, you will need to register for a place. This can be done by completing our registration form and paying our non-refundable £100 registration fee.

3. Taster session:

Taster session is the perfect opportunity for your child to have a play in the nursery setting whilst we are able to observe them.  You will be able to meet with the Head of the Prep School Nursery, Miss Marion Woolley. This will give you the opportunity to talk about what life is like at Ashford Prep Nursery, and for Marion to find out more about your child and their interests.

4. Accept the offer of a place:

Finally, your application will be considered and a decision to offer your child a place at the Prep School Nursery will be made. If a place is offered, completion of the acceptance pack and payment of a refundable deposit of £500 should be made in order to secure the place.