Drama at Ashford School goes beyond a simple skit and learning a few lines. We aim to instil a love and passion for the subject by immersing our students in opportunities to excel in all aspects of the subject, be it acting and singing, or make-up, lighting and special effects.

The Drama Curriculum:

Key Stage 3 pupils spend each half term studying a new drama skill. These skills are discovered and built upon, term on term in order to improve and lead towards GCSE. Students learn about physical and vocals skills within various themes such as Shakespeare, improvisation, Commedia Dell Arte and many more.

GSCE and A Level students learn how to devise from a given stimulus and how to complete a written journal or analytical research report. Their skills of bringing characters to life are enhanced by learning lines and exploring practical rehearsal techniques from differing practitioners.

Students dive even deeper into the dramatic world by studying and analysing a variety of plays and set texts. By practically exploring the subject, they are required to bring the text to life through acting, sound effects, lighting effects and special effects.

Drama outside of the classroom:

Whether studying Drama as a chosen subject or just showing a love for acting, all students have extensive opportunities to develop their skills and interests in the dramatic arena through the variety of co-curricular activities on offer.

The School produces and performs three large-scale productions annually, which include two Junior Drama productions and one full-blown musical production by our Senior students. Produced by our Head of Drama, the productions involve our students from start to finish, including in aspects such as costume design and creation, choreography, lighting and props. Here, the students are able to put to use all they have learnt in class, but also all of the co-curricular skills they have developed during the co-curricular activities, such as Junior Drama Club and the Technical Club.

High achievers have the opportunity to take part in producing and directing their own showcases, and our A level students provide mentorship for aspiring dramatists at our annual primary school workshops. Students also regularly participate in festivals and competitions, with recent success obtained at the Kent and Hastings Festivals. A number of our students have also recently auditioned with the National Theatre.

The School welcomes a number of professional practitioners throughout the year, including the Frantic Assembly Physical Theatre Company and the Stanislavski Experience. Our Drama students enjoy a number of theatre trips throughout the year too, with recent trips to see Everybody’s Talking about Jamie and War Horse.

Speech and Drama:

Ashford School employs a full-time Speech and Drama teacher and trains a number of Prep and Senior students each year to participate in the LAMDA exams.

We currently have 49 students across the Prep and Senior school taking LAMDA Acting, Verse and Prose and Public Speaking Exams.

  • Two Year 5 and 6 students at the Prep School are studying Grade 5 Verse and Prose, after having received Distinction at Grade 4. Grade 5 is normally undertaken in Year 9!
  • Three Year 11, 12 and 13 Senior students are studying for their Grade 8 Gold Acting Exam after all having received Distinction in the previous ones.
  • One Year 13 student has recently taken her Grade 8 Gold Acting and was awarded a Distinction
  • Two senior students are currently studying for their Grade 8 Gold Verse and Prose LAMDA Exam
  • One senior student is currently studying for his Grade 8 Gold Public Speaking LAMDA Exam