Apply to Bridge Nursery

Applying for a place at Bridge Nursery is a smooth process which begins by submitting an enquiry.

1. Get in touch:

The first step to joining Bridge Nursery is to get in touch with us via phone or email. You can call us on 01233 636450 or email Mrs Fran Russell, our Head of Nursery, on Once you have made initial contact, we will send you an enquiry form to fill out.

2. Visit us:

Once you have submitted an enquiry form, you will be invited to visit the Nursery virtually, to meet with Fran at a time that suits you. You will have the opportunity to see our Nursery in action, and ask any questions about your child’s time with us. Your child is welcome to join you so that they can experience it all too!

You can also view our Virtual Bridge Nursery Tour here.

3. Register for a place:

Once you have visited the Nursery, you will need to register your child for a place. This can be done by completing our registration form and paying our non-refundable £100 registration fee.

4. Accept the offer of a place:

Once registered, your application will be considered and a decision to offer a place at Bridge Nursery will be made. If a place is offered, completion of the acceptance pack (which will be shared at the time of offer) and payment of a refundable deposit of £500 should be made in order to secure the place.

5. Settling in your child

Once the place has been accepted, we will invite your child into the Nursery for a couple of settle sessions. Each settling in period is adapted with consideration for the child’s attachment to their parent or carer. It is important that the child should feel comfortable, secure and cared for, while being integrated into the life of the nursery.

While we are currently unable to invite the parents in for the first visit, the following procedure is in place. The Deputy or Room leader will arrange a Teams meeting to talk through the Welcome pack and fill out the required information. At this meeting the child’s key person will be introduced and you can discuss your child’s likes/dislikes and any special requirements. Your key worker will then contact you to arrange the settling in sessions.