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Learning Habits

At the heart of academic life are the Ashford School Learning Habits.

These form the centrepiece of our wider ambition to stretch and challenge our students as much as possible across all areas of school life, in a way that is consistent, coherent and cohesive. The six habits are designed to reflect the qualities that we most value in Ashford School students and will be used to help promote the very best progress and outcomes from the student body.

On the basis of this, students can receive commendations for displaying any of these key qualities, either in academic work or co-curricular activities. Lower school pupils will be given a weekly challenge to complete during extended form time, which will reflect the different Learning Habits on a rotational basis.

Senior School Learning Habits


This means we:

  • Take responsibility for our own learning
  • Take full advantage of the opportunities we are given
  • Ask ourselves what we can do better, not who can do it for us


This means we:

  • Rise to new challenges, and take risks with new things
  • Respond constructively to criticism, and embrace failure as a route to success
  • Strike a balance between aspiration and acceptance


This means we:

  • Think creatively and critically
  • Pursue depth of understanding, and reject the simple answer
  • Welcome reasoned debate, and communicate our ideas effectively


This means we:

  • Are courteous, polite and encouraging at all times
  • Welcome the ideas and perspectives of others
  • Hold our own views up to scrutiny and are prepared to modify our opinions


This means we:

  • Are adventurous with the disciplines we try and the tasks we do
  • Read widely and develop our opinions broadly
  • Celebrate original and imaginative thought, and emulate it wherever possible


This means we:

  • Think about the needs and contributions of our peers not just ourselves
  • Examine our own behaviour and ensure we act with confidence but not arrogance
  • Look critically at our place in the School community and what can be done to improve it

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