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Learning at the Senior School

Every day is filled with learning opportunities for our students, both in and beyond the classroom.

Our comprehensive curriculum is delivered by passionate and highly qualified subject specialists who work with dedication to ensure every child leaves Ashford School with a distinguished academic record.

All children learn differently and have unique aspirations. We encourage all students to aim high and take a keen interest in their learning so they can be the best they can be.  We focus on optimising the achievements of every child and on developing them as strong and rounded young people.

"Through our ethos of Academic Rigour and Optimising Potential, your child will learn to develop the confidence to brave new experiences, to learn from mistakes and to take measured risks, with our full support every step of the way."

Our Curriculum Philosophy:

  1. The development of secure literacy and numeracy skills lies at the heart of our curriculum.
  2. We have designed an inclusive and comprehensive curriculum offering a broad range of stimulating courses. Academic rigour and challenge opportunities are embedded in programmes of study.
  3. Our curriculum helps children both to appreciate and to understand the past and the present, whilst encouraging them to embrace innovation in the ever changing world around us.
  4. Staff promote the importance of reading, scholarship and the development of lifelong learning.
  5. We encourage positive learning habits so that all students can reach their full potential.
  6. Our curriculum empowers students to think creatively and critically so that they can make informed choices about their future.

Subjects and The Curriculum

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The Academic Scholars' Programme

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