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Ashford School is made up of a proud and diverse community of staff and children from all over the world. We embrace and celebrate individual talent and champion what makes Ashford School the unique learning environment that it is: a place where students and staff are inspired and in turn inspire others.

Meet our inspiring students, staff & alumni here.

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8 October 2020

Meet Benji (Merchants, Year 12)

Meet Benji (Merchants, Year 12) - Sport Scholar and Kent County Cricketer
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29 September 2020

Meet Max Nicholls (Pilgrims, 2014)

Meet Max Nicholls (Pilgrims, 2014) - Mountain Runner & Dentist
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17 September 2020

Meet Hamish Roberts (Knights, 2017)

Meet Hamish Roberts (Knights, 2017) - Scotland U21 & U23 Men's Hockey Player & Hockey Coach at Ashford School
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21 August 2020

Meet Dr. Anjola Onifade (Yeomen, 2012)

Meet Dr. Anjola Onifade (Yeomen, 2012) - Emergency Medicine Doctor, Poole Hospital
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11 August 2020

Meet Dr Jaimini Raniga (née Patel, Nightingale, 1977)

Meet Dr Jaimini Raniga (née Patel, Nightingale, 1977) - Medical Practitioner in Australia
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11 August 2020

Meet Jo Nolan (née Evans, Pilgrims, 1980)

Meet Jo Nolan (Pilgrims, 1980) - Hospital Director
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29 June 2020

Meet Suki Athwal (Franklins, 2013)

Meet Suki Athwal (Franklins, 2013) - Business Owner
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15 June 2020

Meet Alex Blincow (Squires, 2011)

Meet Alex Blincow (Squires, 2011) - Nurse at Conquest Hospital, Hastings
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