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Meet Kitty (Rowan, Year 13)

Date Posted: Thursday 01 December 2022

Tell us a bit about your experience at Ashford School up to now?  

I had always listened to my brother, Louis, tell me about how he loved Ashford School whilst he was here, and so I couldn’t wait to start in Year 7. It is safe to say I was not disappointed as I have genuinely enjoyed every minute. Like every student, I’ve had ups and downs, especially through exam years, but have always been able to find enjoyment in all challenges I’ve faced. Despite viewing other schools and colleges for sixth form, none really compared to Ashford. I study English Literature, History and Drama A Level, and am so glad I chose to pursue them here. My time here has definitely flown by, but I feel more than prepared for the coming years, thanks to this school. 

Tell us about your favourite memory at Ashford School to date.  

It’s so hard to pinpoint one favourite memory at Ashford, but one that comes to mind is being Miss Hannigan in the school musical of Annie this year. However, the thing I will miss the most when I leave is my English class. Every single lesson, we have so much fun whilst learning and have all become such good friends! Even the teachers. 

Is there a particular teacher who has inspired you and helped you to reach where you are today? Who and how?

One of the many teachers who has inspired, encouraged, and supported me through my school life is my English teacher, Mrs Ndongong. Whilst easily being one of the most knowledgeable women I have ever met, she is always there when in need of academic or personal support and she always knows what to say. She has made me truly love English and I will be pursuing this in the future!  

What clubs do you take part in, and what do you enjoy about them most?  

As a drama scholar, theatre has always been a big part of my life. And so, I am currently helping direct the productions of Under Milk Wood in senior drama club, which is both challenging and enjoyable. I also do netball club and creative writing which allow me to further express my love for the sport and for English! 

What has been your most rewarding moment at Ashford School?  

I think it’s either got to be GCSE results day or receiving the letter that told me I have been chosen to be Head Girl. I will never forget the utter relief and happiness I felt when I opened my GCSE grades, or the pride and privilege from being asked to be Head Girl. There is nothing like it!  

As Head Girl what does it mean to you to be a leader at School? What do you hope to achieve in your year in post?   

Dhilan and I have already achieved a great deal this year. We’ve kickstarted the peer mentoring scheme, introduced new prefect roles that come with the new house system and are generally helping to unite the year groups in school. We aim to continue doing this for the rest of the year and make our school more known to the wider community.  

What opportunities does Ashford School offer that you feel are extending your skills and helping you prepare for life after School?  

Something that is individual to Ashford School that I believe has really shaped who I am are the additional music/drama lessons I get involved with. I participate in singing and speech/drama lessons, which have really helped me gain self-confidence over my school life. Not only this, but the extra-curricular opportunities in general, like school musicals, CCF, sports teams etc. really make Ashford stand out and I know have really aided me and other students.  

What are your ambitions for when you leave Ashford School? 

Although I am not 100% sure on my career in the future, I do know that I want to go to University to read English Literature. I feel as though it is a very versatile degree and is the subject I enjoy doing the most. My two A Level teachers, Mrs Ndongong and Mrs Mackinnon, along with the careers advisor, Dr Dickers, have all helped me so much in this journey as they really put time and effort into every student. I have already had 3 offers thanks to their help!