About Us


At Ashford School we are dedicated to ensuring that all pupils feel safe, cared for and happy.  Safeguarding the pupils is at the centre of what we do every day and is so much more than just a policy.  We listen, we notice, and we communicate.  A happy child will succeed.

A Designated Safeguarding Lead is assigned to each section of the School. Each Designated Safeguarding Lead serves as the main point of contact for all relative safeguarding concerns and students, parents and staff are welcome to contact them at any point.


Our Designated Safeguarding Leads

Nicola Timms

Mrs Nicola Timms: Deputy Head Pastoral & Senior School Designated Safeguarding Lead timmsn@ashfordschool.co.uk

Zoe Jefferson

Mrs Zoe Jefferson Pillai: Head Nurse and School Designated Safeguarding Lead jeffersonz@ashfordschool.co.uk

Chris Neesham

Mr Chris Neesham: Deputy Head Pastoral and Prep School Designated Safeguarding Lead prepdsl@ashfordschool.co.uk

Kelly McBeath

Mrs Kelly McBeath: Head of The Stables Nursery and Stables Nursery Designated Safeguarding Lead mcbeathk@ashfordschool.co.uk

Fran Russell

Mrs Fran Russell: Head of Bridge Nursery and Bridge Nursery Designated Safeguarding Lead russellf@ashfordschool.co.uk