The Stables Nursery 0-3

The Stables Nursery, set in the rural village of Great Chart, Kent, provides a nurturing environment in which children aged 3 months to 3 years can flourish and grow.

Underpinned by the ethos of Adventurous Learning and with the aim to inspire excellence, highly trained staff encourage the children to explore the world around them through play, whilst developing invaluable skills and characteristics that they will carry with them through their childhood.


The Stables Nursery is a purpose-built, modern and homely nursery based on the grounds of Ashford Prep School. Each room is designed specifically for the developmental needs of each age and phase in a child’s life, and the central Hub provides a space where all children and staff can come together to share in exciting activities and meal times. As such, children enjoy the benefits of family grouping for much of the day.


Lead by experienced Headteacher Kelly McBeath, staff at The Stables Nursery are highly trained professionals, whose primary role is to care for your child and nurture their development whilst working hand-in-hand with you. Children are cared for as part of a big family in a ‘home-from-home’ environment, and their keyworkers work closely with the child’s family to ensure that they are happy and content every step of the way.

Food and Meal Times

Children at The Stables Nursery will have the opportunity to develop a healthy understanding of, and relationship with, their food. All meals will be freshly prepared, healthy, nutritious and, where possible, organic and locally sourced. As the children grow older they will have the opportunity to help prepare meals and snacks, as well as grow their own fruits and vegetables, helping them understand the journey of the food from the garden to their plate.


Language, social, physical and sensory development are at the heart of everything The Stables Nursery children will do. Every activity is meticulously planned to ensure that each child’s individual needs are met, and that their next stages of development are always in mind.

Children are encouraged to explore the vibrant environment around them through play. From the moment they join us as babies until they move on as thriving toddlers, their development is stimulated through a range of engaging tools and activities, including messy play, art, craft, sensory exploration, music, movement and role play.

Future Pathway

Based on the same site as Ashford Prep School (3 years – 11 years), The Stables Nursery provides the perfect opportunity for a seamless transition into the next stages of a child’s education. This close proximity allows children to become familiar with their surroundings and to develop key relationships with the wider Ashford School family, making sure that they are in an environment in which they already feel comfortable and safe as they make the big steps into the Prep School Nursery.

"Our 18 month old daughter has been attending The Stables Nursery for three months now and always gets excited at drop off! Staff are welcoming and caring and I love hearing updates about her day."
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