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Ashford School has always been a school with momentum. Taking inspiration from our past and building upon the legacy of previous generations, we want to ensure that the School in the 21st Century fulfills our obligation to those who came before us and to those who will benefit from an Ashford education now and in the future.

We know that our alumni, parents and friends are loyal and grateful for the education they and their children have received. With your support, we will be able to continue provide an outstanding education for all children who enter our classrooms.

The Bursary Fund

Widening access to pupils from all backgrounds is of central importance, and bursaries are currently awarded by the School and the Ashford School Foundation to support high-ability children to join Ashford School. They are specifically designed to give students from families with limited means a transformational journey, leading them to a successful life and career.

Throughout their time at Ashford School, our pupils are encouraged to engage actively with the wider community and explore the world around them through their studies and co-curricular activities, enabling them to gain a better understanding of their own and other cultures, of global differences and shared values. The diversity encouraged by an active bursary programme can only enhance this aspect of our School and create a climate in which respect for all can flourish.

"Over the coming years we aim to increase the available resources of the Fund so that more students may benefit from a life-changing Ashford School education, irrespective of family circumstances."
Bursary Recipient Testimonial - Nicholas Smelt (Yeoman, 2015)

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Your gifts, whether regular or one-off, can make a significant difference to the School. Our ambitions for the future are bold and innovative but we will need support from our communities if we are to realise them. There are a number of ways in which you can choose to support the Ashford School Foundation.

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