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Creative and Performing Arts

Ashford School prides itself on ‘Celebrating Individuality’ and we strive for Creative and Performing Arts to be an integral cog in the educational lives and development of all our pupils.


The active and exciting musical life of Ashford School centres on Brake Hall and its environs, which include The Octagons (two octagon-shaped rehearsal and classroom spaces) and a number of individual and larger classrooms for our one-on-one and year group lessons.

Music Beyond the Classroom
All-Steinway School


Drama at Ashford School goes beyond a simple skit and learning a few lines. We aim to instil a love and passion for the subject by immersing our students in opportunities to excel in all aspects of the subject, be it acting and singing, or make-up, lighting and special effects.

The Drama Curriculum
Drama Outside of the Classroom
Speech and Drama


In order to be truly creative, students need to feel safe in their environment. They need to be allowed to make mistakes; they need to be taught the rules and then be free to break the rules. Only then can we truly teach our students to be exceptionally creative. At Ashford School, our Art department trains pupils from Year 7 upwards to think independently and to be freely creative, therefore developing key skills that students need for their future at university and beyond.

Take a tour around our virtual gallery via Artsteps.

The Art Curriculum
Art Outside the Classroom

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