The active and exciting musical life of Ashford School centres on Brake Hall and its environs, which include The Octagons (two octagon-shaped rehearsal and classroom spaces) and a number of individual and larger classrooms for our one-on-one and year group lessons.

All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 participate in Music as a subject. Through the Instrumental Scheme, our Year 7 students have the opportunity to take up a new instrument (Brass, Guitar or Strings) for the year, with the aim of discovering what aspect of musicality each child is good at and the hope that the students develop a passion for their instrument. There is also a strong emphasis on class singing and exploring the whole family of instruments. Some time is also spent introducing pupils to the Sibelius music software programme. In Years 8 and 9 pupils are encouraged to develop their small group skills in arrangements or cover-versions of existing songs as well as composing original pieces.

Music is also taught as an examinable subject at GCSE and A level. Our students are taught by qualified and experienced teachers and musicians, and have access to first-class facilities, enabling them to write and perform their own music whilst mastering classics and developing an outstanding knowledge of music and its complexities.

Music beyond the classroom:

Music is not only an integral part of the curriculum at Ashford School, but is also a subject that bleeds into the co-curricular life of our students. Opportunities for performance are second-to-none, with a full programme of concerts, recitals and other events taking place throughout year, in close co-operation with Ashford Prep School’s musical team. Also on offer are a number of after-school clubs and bands, ranging from Jazz and Elastic bands to a full Orchestra and talented choir. Our instrumental team also provide tuition in all orchestra instruments (with the exception of harp), in addition to guitar (classical, electric and bass), piano and voice.

Each year the Music Department collaborates on both Junior and Senior dramatic productions. In March 2020, the School performed the acclaimed production of Beauty and the Beast with a large cast and a 15-piece Pit Band, most of whom were School musicians.

All-Steinway School:

The very best instruments push students to new levels of success and our Senior School is home to some of the world’s best pianos.

Go to a famous concert hall and you are likely to see to the top performers playing on a Steinway piano. In 2013 we became an all-Steinway School, making us one of only 12 schools in the UK with Steinway-only pianos.