Apply to The Stables Nursery

Joining The Stables Nursery is a smooth process starting with a virtual visit.

1. Visit us:

The first step to joining us at The Stables Nursery is to visit us virtually and experience our Nursery in action.

Whilst in lockdown, although we are unable to conduct in-person tours, you will be invited to visit The Stables Nursery virtually via Microsoft Teams. During this call you will have a video tour of the nursery, and have the opportunity to meet with our Deputy Head of The Stables Nursery, Miss Katy Gribble.

Please contact our Prep Registrar, Mrs Daisy Davidsonto arrange a virtual visit.

2. Register for a place:

Once you have visited the Nursery, you will need to register your child for a place. This can be done by completing our registration form and paying our non-refundable £100 registration fee.

3. Accept the offer of a place:

Once registered, your application will be considered and a decision to offer a place at The Stables Nursery will be made. If a place is offered, completion of the acceptance pack (which will be shared at the time of offer) and payment of a refundable deposit of £500 should be made in order to secure the place.

5. Before You Start:

After you have accepted the offer of a place, we we want to get to know you and your child before they start. We will organise a Microsoft Teams Meeting between yourself, your child’s key worker and the Deputy Head of The Stables, Miss Katy Gribble. This will give us the opportunity to iron out any worries (including talking about our coronavirus policies), discuss your child’s routine, answer any questions you may have, complete any remaining paperwork, and to finalise the arrangements for settling-in sessions.