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Meet Dhilan (Willow, Year 13)

Date Posted: Tuesday 29 November 2022

Tell us a bit about your experience at Ashford School up to now?  

My experience at Ashford has been short but very sweet. I joined the Sixth Form and have never looked back. I study Politics, History and Psychology and I couldn’t have asked for teachers better than I have here. It’s not only the academic side that has made my experience memorable but also the sports. Ashford is known for its Rugby and Cricket, and I have made sure to play in every team I can. 

Tell us about your favourite memory at Ashford School to date.  

I have two and I cannot pick either, so I’ll say both. The first, getting my first A* in an essay because this proved to me that I can do it and achieve the grades I want. The second would be captaining the 1st XV Rugby team against Kings Rochester School. 

Is there a particular teacher who has inspired you and helped you to reach where you are today? Who and how?

There are so many to pick from but I think Mr Vafidis edges just above the rest. From the moment I joined he was ready and eager to help me. He taught me History in Year 12 where I thoroughly enjoyed the module. He now teaches me Politics in Year 13 and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Not to mention his invaluable help with work outside of the curriculum such as giving me advice with my Personal Statement. So, a massive Thank You to Mr Vafidis! I would also like to mention Mr Langford and Mr Bubb who have also been extremely supportive in my time at Ashford School. 

What clubs do you take part in, and what do you enjoy about them most?  

I have taken part in Politics and Philosophy Club which I really enjoy as it focuses on other topics away from the curriculum, which is not only interesting but broadens my horizons. I have also participated in Hockey and Rugby Union and Sevens which allows me to keep up my fitness while having fun with my friends. 

What has been your most rewarding moment at Ashford School?  

Being made School Captain as a student who only joined in Year 12 really makes me proud. It allows me to feel integrated as part of the Ashford School community while being a role model for all. 

As Head Boy what does it mean to you to be a leader at School? What do you hope to achieve in your year in post?   

I believe that a school leader should be a role model to all pupils, led by example and encourage others to succeed at whatever life throws at them. As prefects, we have started implementing a Peer Mentoring system that aims to bridge the gap between older and younger students. This allows the sharing of knowledge whilst creating one School community where all students can thrive. 

What opportunities does Ashford School offer that you feel are extending your skills and helping you prepare for life after School?  

The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities to cater for all students’ interests. I completed my LAMDA Grade 8 Gold Award with the school and I believe this will help me in the future, in qualities such as Public Speaking. 

What are your ambitions for when you leave Ashford School? 

I intend to go to university to study International Relations and possibly study abroad, in somewhere like the Netherlands.