Bridge Nursery 0-3

Bridge Nursery is ideally situated in Ashford School’s extensive grounds in the centre of Ashford, a short walk from Ashford International Train Station and linked closely with Junctions 9 and 10 of the M20.

Bridge Nursery provides a home-away-from-home for our children, and we pride ourselves on developing lifelong curiosity and confidence through play and adventure, all the while welcoming a child’s whole family and taking care of their needs.

"Designed with outdoor play in mind, Bridge Nursery boasts a large garden, where children can play and learn about the outside environment safely."

We offer outstanding care for children from 3 months to 3 years and are open for 50 weeks of the year from 07:30 until 18:30, Monday to Friday.

Our children enjoy access to four main rooms, each designed specifically for a child’s age and developmental stage. The Baby Suite is home to children from 3 months to approximately 24 months, whilst the Toddler Suite caters for children up to 36 months.

Our Baby Suite

The Ducklings Room is dedicated for babies from 3 to 12 months. It boasts a warm and loving environment with creatively designed stimulating areas for the babies to explore and learn. The designated sleep room also allows us to cater for individual sleep patterns throughout the day.

At the age of 12 months, children move into the Dragonfly Room. The room is set up with daily activities for the children to explore and play whilst developing essential skills. In this room children develop early language skills, embedding the ability to communicate with their friends and key persons.

The baby suite also boasts a Sensory room, which provides a calm hub for children to explore and play. Since sensory play is such an important part of learning in the early years, sensory activities exist through the Nursery and evolve as a child gets older.

Our Toddler Suite

The Frogs and Turtles rooms cater for our rising two-year olds. At this stage the children’s enquiring minds are developing quite rapidly, therefore we create an exciting and stimulating learning environment for them to explore. We encourage children to make sensible choices about their own physical needs, helping them with secure decision making as they get older and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Each child is supported by a key worker, while independence is encouraged through play. The children also form secure friendships, and an understanding of other children’s feelings.

Our Butterfly and Stars Room

The Butterfly and Stars room are two additional rooms which the children visit during the day. Each room is set up to encourage children to explore their natural curiosity using independent skills, providing them with the autonomy to expand their play in any direction.

Our Early Years Team

An experienced and dedicated leadership team oversee an excellent staff of Early Years Practitioners.

All staff are enthusiastic and committed to providing a positive learning environment for our children. We feel strongly that we meet the emotional wellbeing as well as the developmental needs of the children in our care. The Early Years Foundation Stage is thoroughly embedded within the Nursery, with the Characteristics of Effective Learning at the heart of all learning and development.

We believe that if a child’s well-being is sound and that they are given a variety of options to explore, that they are likely to engage and learn new experiences individually at their own pace. Acknowledging children’s achievements with their friends and parents is an important part of their emotional growth, supporting them to be confident and self-assured.

Our Garden

At Bridge Nursery we consider outdoor learning as important as the learning that takes place inside. We are fortunate enough to have a large garden in which the children have the opportunity to discover and explore. Children can plant seeds and watch them grow, play dress up, make sandcastles, listen to stories, play instruments and participate in water play in a safe and fun environment.

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