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Politics is offered as an A Level subject at Ashford School. In one way or another, most aspects of most people’s lives are shaped by politics. From elections and involvement wars to the price of a pint of milk, most things we see in newspapers or experience in our day-to-day lives are products of political decisions.

The study of politics helps to establish a greater understanding of many of the issues facing the governments and economists of today, and those impacting upon students’ daily lives. This subject also develops the ability to communicate complex idea and formulate clear arguments by deploying a range of theoretical concepts and practical examples.

Course Description

The course covers the main features of the UK government and politics, as well as providing the opportunity to study these matters in a global context.

Key areas covered on the UK Politics unit include democracy, electoral systems and voting behaviour, the relationship between government and parliament, and the principles underpinning the main political parties. You will develop a sound critical understanding of how politics in the UK operates. For instance, while Britain is normally seen as a thriving democracy, students are asked to challenge this assumption.

Key areas covered on the UK Government unit include the role of the Prime Minister, the Executive and Parliament, and the relationship between these branches. You will develop an understanding of where power lies within the UK Government. This unit also exposes students to political ideologies less intrinsically tied to specific political parties than those covered in the UK Politics unit, such as anarchism, nationalism and ecologism.

The third unit will expose students to global politics giving them the opportunity to study the impact of globalisation on national sovereignty. It will also give them an opportunity to analyse recent political developments around the world through the prism of key international theories.

  • Component 1: UK Politics
  • Component 2: UK Government
  • Component 3: Global Politics

Beyond A Level

A Level Politics is a regorous and versatile qualification which demonstrates to universities and employers the valuable abilities to express ideas clearly, to make links between strands on thought, and to develop sophisticated evaluations. A good grade in Politics is seen as an indication of an applicant’s intellect, ability to work hard, and understand and critically assess the world around them. Politics can lead to all kinds of possible careers including those within law, media, banking, advertising, journalism, social work, teaching and many other professions.

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