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Speech and Drama Tuition

What is Speech and Drama?

Speech and Drama is the name given to a specialised, creative subject that teaches students a range of linguistic, physical,  emotional and metacognitive skills to enhance their individuality, academic performance and well-being.

"Speech and Drama tuition provides a safe and encouraging environment for your child to learn adventurously, improve their confidence and find their individuality. (Mr Andrews, Guildford School of Acting BA)"

Self-confidence & Resilience

There will be events in your child’s life that require them to address an audience, such as presenting a project, participating in a debate, or even giving a successful speech/interview. Speech and Drama tuition provides a safe and encouraging environment for your child to learn adventurously, improve their confidence and find their individuality.

Every grade requires a physical exam to be taken; this builds resilience allowing your child to become accustomed to the pressures and demands expected. This is a valuable and transferable skill to carry forward into a plethora of scenarios.

Understanding Physicality

Physical communication is as important as any other form of communication. Your child will learn techniques to gain awareness of their movement, posture, gesture, gait and presence. These techniques will help students use physicality effectively to engage an audience, command their space, successfully interact and analyse body language.

Advanced English Language Skills

The most apparent and sought-after benefit of attending Speech and  Drama classes would be an improvement of your child’s linguistic skills. Your child would receive training to enhance their semiotics, pragmatics, stylistics, morphology as well as improve skills in phonetics, phonology, syntax and discourse analysis. With the variety of rich texts that we explore their vocabulary and use of expression will also be enhanced.

Imagination & Improvisation

Coaching the imagination of students to creatively think and problem-solve is extremely valuable. Imagination encourages creativity and stimulates innovation. Improvisation encourages playful risk to promote self-development. It teaches students how to make quick decisions, stay calm in fast and emotional situations and how to think, act and feel simultaneously. Situations, where one has to “Think outside the box” requires both of these attributes.

Enhance Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Very possibly, one of the greatest and most intangible benefits of Speech and Drama is enhanced Emotional Quotient. This is the ability to understand and manage, self- and social awareness/emotions. Being able to read other people’s emotions, empathise and communicate effectively, will help students mature and relate to their peers on an advanced level improving their well-being. This intellectual freedom encourages autonomy, curiosity and great leadership qualities.


The ability to plan, monitor and assess one’s understanding and performance is becoming an essential skill in society. Essentially, it is best thought of as having self-awareness that enables individuals to master these skills. Students who can do this are most likely to learn more efficiently, more effectively and therefore make more progress.

*Every student will receive a weekly, rotated session with a total of 30 sessions per academic year.

Examination Subjects

Please Note: All Exams require pieces to be performed in front of an examiner.

Verse and Prose
Public Speaking
Reading for Performance
Acting Solo / Duologue

About Mr Neal Andrews

Mr Andrews graduated from Guildford School of Acting in 2003 and made his Professional and West End debut in the critically acclaimed production of Blood Brothers as Perkins & Edward Lyons.

Other credits include: Colin CATCH ME! (Arts Theatre, West End) Ralph Rackstraw HMS PINAFORE (Union Theatre, London, Budleigh Salterton), Romeo in Shakespeare’s ROMEO & JULIET (UK Tour). Marm in SECOND CLASS PARENTS (Etcetera Theatre, London) Buttons in Enchanted Productions CINDERELLA (Dorking Halls Theatre). Title role in ALADDIN (Millfield Arts Centre, London)  Man 1 in LITTLE BY LITTLE ( Jermyn St Theatre, Off West End) Paul in Feature Film SORTED (Jory Junior Entertainment), Feature Film THE MAN WHO CRIED (Working Title Films ), LOCKSTOCK (Channel 4) Benno in ODETTE (The Bridewell, London) Title Role in JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (Wakefield Theatre Royal) Lead Production Singer (Stadium Theatre Company, International Tour).

Mr Andrews has Directed and produced a multitude of Academic, Festival and Professional Productions across the UK and is Company Founder/Director of West End Classrooms Ltd. He joined Ashford School in January 2020 as Head of Speech and Drama for both schools. Mr Andrews has worked in educational since 2009,   has an Advanced, Level 5, Diploma in Leadership & Management, ASD Speech and Language, Level 3, NVQ and is currently studying an MA in Educational Leadership.

In 2018 he was awarded the KMFM Educators title:

  • Drama Teacher of the Year (Canterbury District)
  • Drama Teacher of the Year (Kent Region)

To find out more please contact Mr Andrews by emailing

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