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Ashford has always been a school with momentum, keen to strive for excellence in teaching and leaning and driving forward with purpose. Taking inspiration from our past and building upon the legacy of previous generations, we want to ensure that the School in the 21st Century fulfils our obligation to those who came before us and to those who will benefit from an Ashford education now and in the future.

Thanks to careful financial management and a thriving, supportive community Ashford is in a great position to build on the legacy of previous generations and to look to the fulfilment of our aims for the School’s future. There have been many landmarks since Ashford School’s founding in 1898. In 2015/16 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the merger with Friars Prep School and Ashford became a co-educational school. The launch of the Ashford School Foundation, provides a charity dedicated to the management of all donations and voluntary income received from our supporters.

The Foundation is a separate charity through which all donations to the School’s priority development projects are channelled.

We are here today through the vision and generosity of our forebears.

Now it is our turn.

Mike Buchanan


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